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Dr. Respondek is a member of the following arbitration panels:

  • AUSTRIA – Vienna International Arbitration Center (VIAC)
  • CHINA - 北京仲裁委员会 Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC)
  • HONG KONG – HK International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
  • ICDR – International Panel of Arbitrators
  • MALAYSIA – Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA)
  • SINGAPORE – Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) 
    Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC), 01.05.2003 – 31.12.2014
  • THAILAND – Thai Arbitration Institute (TAI)
  • THAILAND - Thailand Arbitration Centre (THAC)
  • VIETNAM: Pacific International Arbitration Center (PIAC)


Andreas has acted as arbitrator or counsel in more than 60 proceedings in institutional (including expedited proceedings) and ad hoc arbitrations, under ICC, SIAC, HKIAC, Swiss Rules, TAI and UNCITRAL arbitration rules. Recent assignments include:

  • Liability dispute between a Chinese buyer and a German manufacturer regarding certain floor panels, quantum USD 4 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages resulting from a License Agreement for injectable contraceptives between a Thai company (licensee) and its Mexican licensor, quantum USD 10 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages resulting from a License Agreement for injectable contraceptives between a Thai company (licensee) and its Indonesian licensor, quantum USD 8 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages by a Mexican pharmaceutical company against a Swiss pharmaceutical company for alleged termination of a manufacturing plant contract, claim for USD 80 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages from a botched acquisition for a steel plant between two Asian parties, quantum USD 400 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages by a German public listed company against an Indonesian manufacturer, USD 23 mio (SIAC Rules)
  • Claim by a German development company against a German consortium for non-fulfilment of a development contract, USD 2 mio (SIAC Rules)
  • Claim by a UK company against a Malaysian company for damages resulting from a software development contract, claim for USD 8 mio (SIAC Rules)
  • Claims for unfair termination and damages resulting from the termination of a Distribution Agreement between a Thai and a Singaporean company, claim for USD 2.5 mio (Swiss Rules)
  • Claims for non-fulfillment of certain conditions under a Supply and Development Agreement between a German and a Korean company, claim for USD 16 mio, (ICC Rules)
  • Claim by a Vietnamese company against a Malaysian company resulting from oil exploration contracts, Claim for USD 240 mio (ad hoc proceedings)
  • Claim for damages for a defective medical device between a Korean manufacturer and a Dutch distributor, claim for USD 40 mio (ICC Rules)
  • Claims from a European investor for damages against his Asian co-investors for non-fulfillment of a funding scheme, claim for USD 7 mio, (ICC Rules)
  • Claim for damages by a European supermarket chain against a Chinese Manufacturer for certain leisure item products, claim for USD 2 mio (HKIAC rules)
  • Claims by a Fund manager of a Fund Company for payment of certain milestone payments, claim for USD 10 mio (SIAC Rules) etc.

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